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Wholesome Baby Food.com was born with one goal in mind; to inspire parents to feed their babies real foods.

When Wholesome Baby Food was first created in 2003, Maggie Meade set out to simply share her own recipes and experiences with feeding her babies homemade food. She wanted to inspire parents to make their own baby food and know that they can easily feed their babies healthier, fresher and more tasty foods without using commercial jars of food.

Another goal of Maggie’s was to that the site help parents disengage from the myth that commercial baby foods are superior and somehow magical. Those commercial baby food companies don’t do anything particularly magical with the food they pack into tiny jars. In fact, they cook and process the heck out of those foods, so much so that the foods do not retain their once magnificent splendor.

Once parents realize they can make their baby’s foods in a more economical and healthful manner, then hopefully they will become less reliant on overly-processed, pre-packaged foods as their children grow.

In 2010 the Wholesome Baby Food website was acquired by Evolve Media Corp and became a part of the Momtastic.com – TotallyHer.com family. Maggie continued to write and edit for the site. In May of 2013 Maggie stepped away from the site and is no longer editing or contributing content to the Wholesome Baby Food website.

Ownership, Mission, Location and
Funding Information for Wholesome Baby Food

Wholesome Baby Food’s Ownership

Wholesome Baby Food was acquired in 2010 by Evolve Media Corp and became a part of theMomtastic.comTotallyHer.com family. As of May 2013, Maggie Meade is no longer involved in any aspect of the operation of the website.

Wholesome Baby Food’s Location

Wholesome Baby Food remains based in the United States. Some recipes, ideas and/or recommendations for the introduction of supplemental feeding will vary from country to country. As such, recipe compilations are geared to be conservative and general in nature. It would be impossible to address all of the variations and customs of every individual country concerning the introduction of supplemental feeding for infants.

Wholesome Baby Food’s Mission

Making your own baby food is really one of the most wonderful things you can do for your baby. It takes less time than you would imagine – approximately one hour per week. We sincerely hope that this website will help create budding foodies, one tasty bite at a time and that babies and parents everywhere benefit from the great experience of making Fresh, Wholesome, Homemade baby food.

Wholesome Baby Food’s Funding

Wholesomebabyfood.com is a web property of Evolve Media Corp and became a part of the Momtastic.com family. In keeping with the commitment to totally unbiased content, the site remains un-sponsored by any medical or corporate entity. Third party advertisements continue to run to defray costs. Advertising is distinguished from editorial content via the words and .gif image “advertisement”.

Wholesome Baby Food is not beholden to any medical, corporate or affiliate sponsors, so content is never influenced by these 3rd parties. Click for further information to learn about ad serving.

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