Homemade Baby Food Recipes, Solid Food Feeding Guides & Tips

Baby Foods and Recipes Listed by Type and Age


Foods & Recipes by Type and Age

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Baby Foods and Baby Food Recipes by Type and Age


Wholesome Baby Food contains pages of homemade baby food recipes and specific food information to feed your baby designated by Type and Age range.


The foods on these pages all have basic "beginner" recipes as well as recipes for older babies. Many of these recipes may even be enjoyed by the whole family. Please ensure that the ingredients are appropriate for your baby.


Avocado | Apples | Apricots | Bananas | Blueberries | Cantaloupe and Melons | Cherries | Citrus | Cranberries | Grapes | Kiwi | Mango | Papaya | Peaches & Nectarines | Pears | Plums & Prunes | Pumpkin | Strawberries | "Exotic" Fruits & Veggies | Fruit Puree Recipe Page


Asparagus | Beans (green) | Beets | Broccoli | Beans (legumes & lentils) | Carrots | Cauliflower | Corn | Cucumber | Eggplant | Parsnips | Peas | Potato (White) | Potato (Sweet) | Spinach | Squash (Butternut/Acorn) | Squash (Zucchini, Summer) | Tomatoes | Turnip | "Exotic" Fruits & Veggies


Beef | Chicken | Eggs | Fish | Tofu | Pork | Veal | Wild Game


Yogurt | Cheese | Whole Cow Milk


Rice | Oatmeal | Barley | Buckwheat/Kasha | Flax | Millet | Pasta | Quinoa | Wheat Germ | Kamut

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