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When Can Baby Eat Grapes? Grapes Baby Food – Fresh Grape Recipes & Info.

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Grapes for Baby Food – Learn About Feeding Your Baby Grapes and the Age to Introduce Grapes

for babies 8 to 10 months Introducing Grapes to Baby between 8-10 Months Old (some say as early as 6 months)

The Goodness of Grapes

Grapes contain flavonoids that may be responsible for heart health and protecting against “bad” cholesterol. Grapes are also packed with antioxidants but it is the red or darker skinned grapes that contain the most antioxidants.

Grapes are thought to have an antibiotic property as well as the ability to help prevent arterial clogging and promote heart health. Unfortunately for little ones, these healing and healthful properties are released most when grapes are turned into wine; wine is most definitely not a good choice for your baby!

Nutrients in 1 cup of grapes
VITAMINS:Vitamin A – 92 IU

Vitamin C – 3.7 mg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – .08 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – .05 mg

Niacin – .27 mg

Folate – 4 mcg

Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.

MINERALS:Potassium – 176 mg

Phosphorus – 9 mg

Magnesium – 5 mg

Calcium – 13 mg

Sodium – 2 mg

Iron – .27 mg

Also contains small amounts of manganese, copper and zinc.

How to select and store Grapes for baby food

purchaseorganic  According to the EWG, grapes (imported) are one of the “dirty dozen” foods that are most highly contaminated with pesticides – purchase organic grapes whenever possible!

Like many other fruits, grapes are very delicate due to their very thin skin. You should purchase them for use within a few days as the longer they are stored, the more they become bruised and softened. When selecting grapes to feed your baby, always choose the seedless ones. Choose grapes without bruising, soft spots or cuts. If the grapes are falling off the vine/stems then you know they are about to go bad and do not have much shelf life left.

Try to avoid grapes that are imported from Latin and South America as these countries are able to use pesticides that many other countries have banned.

Grapes for Baby Food – When can baby eat grapes?

All parents wonder about when is the right time to add grapes to their baby’s diet. Grapes do not pose an allergy risk rather, they pose a choking hazard. One of the troubles with feeding grapes to babies is the skins of the grapes and another is their round size; these make for choking hazards. You may introduce grapes as early as 6 months of age though it is best to peel and mash them up. The negative to peeling grapes is that many of their antioxidant and healthful properties are found in the skin.

Not a good choice to serve as a “meal”, grape puree is wonderful mixed with chicken, sweet potato and applesauce. We recommend serving grapes cut into small quarters and smooshed around 10 months old. Using pureed grapes earlier is fine.

I recommend adding grapes to a baby safe feeder and allowing baby to chew on the grapes through the feeder. Freezing the grapes prior to adding them in the feeder is soothing to teething babies gums.


Grape Recipes for Baby Food

Grape Baby Food Recipes – Grape Puree


1 cup of grapes


Peel grapes and blend or puree as needed then serve or blend with other foods. You may skip the peeling of the grapes if you are able to dice or puree them so that no choking hazard is present.

Please be aware that making grape puree is a bit of a difficult task as oftentimes, the grapes are reduced to liquid – grape juice! You may want to use the chop setting rather than the puree setting.


Very Grape Chicken Couscous

Makes a great finger food for little ones.


  • 1 12 oz. package couscous
  • 1 3/4 cups of chicken or vegetable stock/broth
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • 3/4 cup finely mushed grapes
  • 1/2 cup finely diced cooked chicken


Step 1: Cook the couscous according to the package directions, using broth instead of water (you may use water if you prefer). When the couscous has finished cooking, drain any excess liquid.

Step 2: If more liquid is needed to cook the couscous, add water, a little at a time. Pour the couscous into a serving bowl.

Step 3: Add the oil and the lemon juice. Stir well to coat all the grains. Add the mushed grapes and chicken. Stir to combine all the ingredients – puree if needed. Serve warm or cold.

Recipe adapted from Spinner Publications, Cranberry Cooking for All Seasons

Foods Good to Mix With Grapes

morelinks Poop Caution!

If your baby is eating grapes with the skin on, you may see bits of skin in baby’s diaper!


stop3 Remember, always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby.

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