Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Baby Food

There are many reasons why you should make homemade baby food but here’s one of the best reasons – Taste! Homemade just tastes better!

Here are a few good reasons why you should make your baby fresh and tasty naturally delicious homemade baby foods:

  • Quality Control – When you make your baby’s food fresh and homemade, you have total control over what is put into your baby’s food! You know it’s free of additives that a tiny tummy simply does not need. You know the food you are feeding your baby is from the freshest ingredients, handpicked with love and care.

If your baby is prone to food allergies, Homemade Baby Food will help You ensure that no foods that are allergenic are hidden.

  • Best Selection – You choose the ingredients! You can take extra steps to ensure only high quality foods are selected for your baby. Do the commercial baby food companies put this much love and care into their jars?
  • You Have the Gadgets – All the tools you need to make homemade wholesome baby food are probably already in your kitchen.
  • More Taste & Texture – Your baby is exposed to a greater variety of tastes and textures making the transition to table foods less stressful for your baby.
  • Your Baby’s Needs and Schedule: You feed your baby according to his/her needs and cues. As you are controlling the texture and ingredients of your baby’s food, you know what foods are best suited for YOUR baby.
  • Healthy Eating Habits – Healthy eating habits develop earlier as your involvement is dedicated to making only high quality, healthy baby foods and snacks. Your baby will benefit from these healthy eating habits and from learning to love whole non-processed foods. Raising babies to prefer the taste of real, whole foods over processed foods is one small step in combating childhood obesity.
  • Extra Bonus Benefit – You save money when you make homemade baby food. Not only in the cost of the actual homemade baby food, but in the nutrient ratio as well.  You get more nutrients for you dollar and your baby gets more nutrients for his growing body when you make homemade baby food.

Homemade fruits & vegetables influence fruit and vegetable likes/dislikes in later years.

Long-term consequences of early fruit and vegetable feeding practices in the United Kingdom, 2010 study published in the Cambridge Journals – Public Health Nutrition (2010), 13: 2044-2051

Children who were given home-cooked fruit or vegetables more often at 6 months were more likely to be eating a higher proportion of FV at 7 years, than those who were given home-cooked FV less often. There was no positive difference found in consumption of FV at 7 years according to how often ready-prepared fruits or vegetables were given at 6 months. The age of introduction to home-cooked vegetables moderated the relationship between frequency of consumption at 6 months and 7 years.

Conclusions The findings support the concept that exposure to Fruits and Vegetables is important in the early weaning period. The finding that consumption of ready-prepared FV was not positively associated with later FV consumption needs to be further investigated, with reference to theories of exposure, modelling and parental food choices.

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stop3 Remember, always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby.