Taking Homemade Baby Food to Daycare – How to Prepare Homemade Baby Food for Daycare

Many parents wonder if they should even try to make homemade baby food if their babies will be going to daycare or will have other caregiver issues. So how do you send homemade baby food to daycare or to the babysitter – it’s as easy as packing some cubes!

Some think that sending homemade baby food to daycare will put an additional burden on the facility or the caregiver; in most cases, homemade baby food is just as convenient as commercial jar baby food.

Here are a few tips for sending homemade baby food to the babysitter’s or to the day care providers:

apple3 Daily: You can thaw the required number of food cubes the night before. You can either thaw them in the container you will send to the daycare or transfer them in the morning to another container. Pack the needed cubes and other foods/bottles in a mini-cooler.

apple3 Daily: In the morning, transfer the needed cubes, in their frozen state, to the container you will send to the daycare. Allow the cubes to thaw while at the daycare, in the refrigerator.

apple3 2-3 Days Worth: Thaw 2 days worth of food cubes, in separate containers. Send the food to the daycare in containers with the dates and description of the food(s). Don’t forget to include a “Use By” date. Remember, thawed cubes will be safe for 48 hours and some food safety authorities even say 72 hours.

apple3 It’s Thermos Time!: Thaw and warm the foods that you will be sending to daycare and pack them in a thermos. The foods will stay warm for up to 7 hours!

apple3 Weekly: Prepare separate food cubes solely for the use of the daycare or babysitter. Freeze the homemade baby food as you usually do then set aside some cubes. Transfer the cubes to bags that will go to the daycare or babysitter.

I find it most convenient to use a thermos, plastic storage containers or glass containers when taking homemade baby food anywhere. Glass is ideal if the center or provider will be heating up the foods!


heart2How to Prepare My Homemade Baby Food – [DOWNLOAD HERE] Scared about leaving baby’s food? This free printable chart will help you more easily manage your homemade baby food and daycare. Fill out the boxes provided so your daycare can know how you like to prep and thaw baby’s food!

REMEMBER: Homemade baby food is not a burden when baby goes to daycare or a caregiver!


stop3 Remember, always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby.

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